Freedom Over our Thoughts


A while ago I wrote an article on Mind Yoga and I talked about how we can change our thoughts, once we begin to notice them. This summer while I was coaching a client and they were stuck in a cyclical pattern of thinking that was not serving them, I challenged them to use what was then the upcoming 4th of July holiday week in our country, to free themselves from thoughts that no longer served them. I applauded their awareness of their thoughts but asked how they would feel if they no longer had these thoughts? Their immediate response was “free”.

This answer and my challenge to themhas made me think how much freedom we all have which we don’t even realize? Some of our freedoms we have due to heroic efforts of others who fought in wars to protect theirs and future generations freedom.

But, what about the freedom we have over our own thoughts? We too can be our own heroes and fight for our own freedom by recognizing and getting rid of thoughts that are weighing us down and holding us hostage.

While I certainly don’t know anyone’s thoughts but my own, I can provide a quick list of how you can notice thoughts that no longer serve you and which you may want to release and be “free” from. These are:

• Thoughts in which we want someone else to change or we think we can somehow miraculously change them

• Thoughts of jealousy

• Thoughts of anger

• Thoughts of resentment

• Thoughts where we beat ourselves up over past mistakes

How can we change these thoughts? By being aware and then realizing as the lyrics to the Eagles song says “so often times it happens, that we live our lives in chains, and we never even know we hold the key”.

Yes, we hold the key to our freedom—the key to how we want to look at the world, our lives and everything in it. We cannot change anyone else but ourselves; so try to notice and free yourself from thoughts where you are trying to figure out how to do this. Thoughts of jealousy are a waste of time, just as anger, resentment and beating ourselves up over past mistakes are also a waste of time and energy. Why are we jealous? Do we think by someone else having something it takes it away from us? It doesn’t. The Universe has an abundant supply of whatever we want. If you choose a “you have it, now I can’t” philosophy you are limiting your potential.

As you go about your day, as you enjoy the freedoms provided by others; recognize the Freedom you can provide for yourself.  Remember the freedom you have over your mind and think about setting yourself “Free” of all thoughts that are not useful to your well-being.

Let Freedom Ring for You! Namaste