#74 Strive for Progress not Perfection


Do you put off making progress because you are too worried about making sure the result will be “perfect”? In this week’s podcast I talk about why we do this and I encourage you to stretch your mind and think about what your definition of perfection is. You may be surprised at what you discover about yourself and you may learn to make some progress and not worry so much about perfection.

#73 Reducing Negative Thoughts

We all have negative thoughts that creep up into our mind at times but how can we control them better? In this week’s episode I encourage you to think about how often you allow negative thoughts into your brain and I share ways to remove them from running your day. You can be in control of your thoughts. Listen for the next seven minutes and find out how.


#72 Live the story you want to tell


This week we will stretch our minds on this quote. What story do you currently tell about your life? We’ll look at what we tell others and ourselves about our life. We will envision what we want our life to be like and we will examine whether we are living our life accordingly in order to get it. Invest 10 minutes in a healthy mindset and take a listen!

#71 Do you try to be Superman or Wonder Woman all day long?


Listen this week and learn why we do not have to wear our Superman or Wonder Woman cape all day long. We’ll stretch our minds and begin to realize how these fictional characters were not “saving the day” all day long, and how we don’t have to either. Think you have to do it all? Think again. Take 9 minutes and begin exercising your mind for optimal mental health.

#70 Expectations

Expectations: Do we expect more from others than we do from ourselves?

Expectations—we all have them of others, but what do we expect from ourselves? When we put expectations on others, why are we often disappointed? This week we will stretch our minds and think about both the expectations we put on others and on ourselves. How can we start to expect less and be happy more? Listen and find out!

#69 Don't Lose Your Mind Trying to Understand Someone Else's


This weeks podcast looks at this quote and takes listeners through some mental exercises to understand why we do this, the time and energy we waste doing this and how to stop. Take 8 1/2 minutes for YOU and take a listen.

#68 Life is Not Fair


In this week’s podcast I ask whether anyone has ever, in the history of mankind said Life is going to be fair? We all know life is not fair; yet we all still get upset when we feel an injustice has been done on ourself or someone we care about. How do we stop letting the injustices in the world get to us? How do we find peace when things don’t appear to be fair? Take out your mental mat and listen for the next 10 minutes. Stretch your mind and build some mental muscle!

#67 Comparison is the Thief of Joy


This weeks I replay an earlier podcast on this great quote from Theodore Roosevelt. This week I will encourage you to stretch your mind and think about how when we compare ourselves to others, we often feel bad about ourselves and we rarely feel joy. But, there is another way you can think about your own life and others, a key that can unlock many a closed door for you. Spend 6 minutes on yourself and take a listen.

#66 Our Priorities, our Future and our Mental Budget


In this week’s podcast I use a quote from another Life Coach, Tiffany Ann Beverlin who posted recently “Everything in life is about priorities. Where do you want to be 10 years from now?” I encourage you this week to stretch your mind and think not just about your priorities and your future; but also about your mental budget. Do you spend any time getting your mind in shape in order for your priorities and your future plans to be fulfilled? Invest just 10 minutes right now on your mental health and take a listen.

#65 Wanting vs Having-Putting it all in Perspective

Mind Yoga Quote #65

In this weeks Mind Yoga podcast we stretch our minds and think about what we want vs what we have. It’s ok to want things, but do you really appreciate all you have? How can we remember all we have more and still strive for more without being greedy? Give yourself the gift of the next nine minutes to listen and find out more.

#64 Keeping Our Focus on Us and Not Others

In this week’s podcast I will encourage you to stretch your mind and consider how often you worry about what others are doing. Most of us do this, but why? This week’s quote is perfect for dissecting and figuring out why. Get out your mental mat and join me in some Mind Yoga and bring more peace to your day.

Podcast 64

#63 What is worth your Energy?

In this week’s podcast we learn to understand how to identify the energy we and others are giving off and determine how we want to spend our energy. We encounter people and situations everyday that can either drain us or lift us up. Stretch your mind for 7 minutes and learn how you can decide when something is worth your energy, and when it is best to let it go.


#62 Abundance

“We don’t create abundance, abundance is always present. We create limitations”. Do you agree with this statement? In this weeks podcast I talk about abundance and encourage you to stretch your mind and think about this quote. Abundance is Everywhere, but why do we not realize this? Listen and explore how we can change our mindset and learn to tap into the abundance that is all around us.


#61 Taking the High Road

“We rarely get lost taking the high road” a friend said to me recently. This quote stood out from others about taking the high road because it referred to the possibility of getting lost. I never really thought about it before, but we do get lost when we react to a situation vs responding to it. We wander away from the person we want to be or become. Give yourself the mental exercise you deserve and take a listen.


#59 How we tell our Story determines our next Chapter

What’s your story? We all tell stories from our past, but is the story you telling hurting our helping you? We can rewrite our story. Yes the past is over, but we can rewrite it and make our next chapter better. Join me this week sas we stretch our minds and think about how we can do this.


#58 Good Karma

What is Good Karma and how do we get it? This weeks podcast is dedicated to my dog “Karma” who passed away this week. She taught me a lot about Karma and we are going to stretch our minds, learn some lessons and think about our own Karma and how we can generate more Good Karma. Spend 10 minutes and join me on a Good Karma Crusade. You deserve to treat yourself!


#57 Actions Speak Louder than Words

We’ve all heard this expression countless times. But have you ever really thought about your words and your actions towards others? We could have the best intentions with our words but our actions may not be demonstrating this. In this week’s episode I give examples and encourage you to stretch your mind and really look within to whether your actions are reflecting your words.


#56 What we tell ourselves matters

We talk to ourselves all day long, with our thoughts. And, what we tell ourselves has an impact on our life. Have you ever really taken an inventory of what you tell yourself? In this weeks podcast we will stretch our minds and think about this. “What you tell yourself everyday will either life you up or tear you down”. Spend the next 10 minutes and listen how you can life yourself up more and how to get rid of thoughts that tear you down.

Mind Yoga Episode 56.png


This week’s quote is about the control we give to others when we are angry with them. It is totally normal to get mad at others, but when we stew in our anger, when we give our precious time discussing with others what someone said or did to anger us, we are giving them control over us. Learn how to have more peace and be in control of YOU.


#54 HALT

HALT is an acronym that stands for Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired. In this week’s podcast I encourage you to stretch your mind and think about referring to this acronym before you make any decisions. If you are one of the four adjectives, or a combination of them, then HALT. Do not take action, until you take care of yourself first. An important lesson that can help us gain more clarity and lead a more peaceful life.