AnnetteQ Life & Healthy Mindset Coach

I am a lifelong learner who believes with age not only comes wisdom but freedom and fun. I remember just after college attending a friends wedding and stories of our college life were reminisced around the table. Someone commented that we were going to look back at them as the best years of our life and I thought "not me".  I loved college but to think the best years of my life were behind me was not what I wanted to think.  I decided then and there I was going to strive to make each year my best year yet!

With diverse job experience ranging from small business, non-profit, state government and the corporate world, I am also a Martha Beck Certified Life Coach.  In case you've never heard of Martha Beck she is the woman Bloomberg magazine described as the person who “is legitimizing the field of Life Coaches”.

I want to help others enjoy their life and realize they are in control of their destiny.  Contact me to learn more.


Photo by Hannah Lux Photography