#26 Attitude & Effort

The Two Things in Life You have Total Control Over: Your Attitude and Your Effort-Billy Cox.

Do you ever stop to think about this? Do you often blame others if you are in a bad mood? In this week’s podcast I encourage you to take out your Mental Mat and really think about this quote and start to see how true it really is.

#25 Worrying about Others

Do you worry about other people in your life a lot?  Do you feel sad, mad, angry depressed when you do this?  This week's quote is "A lot of what weighs you down isn't yours to carry" and I discuss why this is so important to understand.  We can live a more peaceful life when we learn how to recognize when we are doing this and learn how to stop doing this.  

#21 Silence vs. Having Last Word

"Silence is so much more powerful than having the last word".  Do you agree or disagree with this quote?  In this weeks podcast I'll discuss how silence can often be more powerful than having the lsat word.  I'll talk about the Ego and how much of an influence it plays in our desire to have the last word.  Bring out your Mental Mat and learn to stretch your Mind!

#20 Do you have an Open Mind?

"People Generally See what they are Looking for, and Hear what they Listen for" Harper Lee To Kill a Mockingbird".  This week we will talk about having an Open Mind vs having a preconceived notion.  How often do we let what someone else says about someone dictate our thoughts on them?  Do we do this with other circumstances in our life? Bring out your Mental Mat and listen for five minutes--Open Minds Welcome and Encouraged! 

#18 Communication Problems

"The Single Biggest Problem with Communication is the Illusion it Has Taken Place.  A great quote by George Bernhard Shaw that got me thinking about our many forms of communication and how it seems with all these various options to communicate we still are lacking in communicating effectively.  Listen to this weeks 5 minute episode to stretch your Mind and think about this more.

#15 Being Thankful for What We Have

Life is Happier When we are Thankful for what we have and do not dwell on what is missing.  How often do you wish for more than you have right now?  Are you truly thankful for all you do have?  We can get everything we want and still not be happy.  In this week's episode we'll explore why this is.  Get out your Mental Mat and Listen for a few minutes.  I think you will be glad you did.