#75 Silence versus Having the Last Word

Are you the type of person who likes to have the last word? Do you think if you don’t, you are letting the other person get away with something? In this week’s episode I encourage you to stretch your mind and think about whether you want to waste your energy on having the last word. I’ll help you understand that not having the last word may not be a weakness but rather it is a strength that we can use to our advantage.


#21 Silence vs. Having Last Word

"Silence is so much more powerful than having the last word".  Do you agree or disagree with this quote?  In this weeks podcast I'll discuss how silence can often be more powerful than having the lsat word.  I'll talk about the Ego and how much of an influence it plays in our desire to have the last word.  Bring out your Mental Mat and learn to stretch your Mind!