#78 Soul Talk

In this week’s Mind Yoga Quick Quotes episode we will stretch our minds and think about soul talk; deep conversations with others and how we feel after them and what is keeping us from having more. We have so many ways to communicate but yet with these forms of communication we are not often allowing our souls to connect. Listen and find out how you can have more meaningful conversations and how you can feed your soul and connect with others on a deeper level.


#69 Don't Lose Your Mind Trying to Understand Someone Else's


This weeks podcast looks at this quote and takes listeners through some mental exercises to understand why we do this, the time and energy we waste doing this and how to stop. Take 8 1/2 minutes for YOU and take a listen.

#57 Actions Speak Louder than Words

We’ve all heard this expression countless times. But have you ever really thought about your words and your actions towards others? We could have the best intentions with our words but our actions may not be demonstrating this. In this week’s episode I give examples and encourage you to stretch your mind and really look within to whether your actions are reflecting your words.