Mental Health

#66 Our Priorities, our Future and our Mental Budget


In this week’s podcast I use a quote from another Life Coach, Tiffany Ann Beverlin who posted recently “Everything in life is about priorities. Where do you want to be 10 years from now?” I encourage you this week to stretch your mind and think not just about your priorities and your future; but also about your mental budget. Do you spend any time getting your mind in shape in order for your priorities and your future plans to be fulfilled? Invest just 10 minutes right now on your mental health and take a listen.

#52 Awaken to your Mental World

Byron Katie said recently in an interview I was listening to “We’re mentally running the world and we’re asleep to our own”. This quote made me think about how often our thoughts are about others. How often our mental energy is not focused on us, and instead is being wasted on things out of our control. Take time for YOU, listen and do some Mind Yoga on learn how to get back some of your wasted mental energy.