Mind Yoga Episode 39

Our minds are so powerful and yet we often don’t give a second thought to our thoughts. Without a conductor, a train will become a runaway train, and our mind is similar. We CAN learn to keep it on track and avoid disaster. It takes practice and patience. Listen this week and give your mind a mental workout. I’ll ask you some warm up questions to get your mind stretched so you can start exercising your most important muscle—your Mind!

Mind Yoga Episode 38

In this weeks podcast I talk about our Ego’s and how our Ego plays a big part of how we think and ultimately feel. I give you some questions to begin to stretch your mind and think about how often you may, without even knowing it, be responding because of your Ego vs your Soul. Take seven minutes for your mental health and listen.

Mind Yoga Episode #37

Eleanor Roosevelt said “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent”. This week we take a deep dive into this quote and really begin to uncover why this is true. People say things and we feel all different feelings based on what they said, but it is not what they said, but how we think about what they said, that makes us feel a certain way. Take out your Mental Mat and get ready to stretch your mind!

Mind Yoga Episode #36

“Closed Minds never open New Doors”. In this weeks podcast I discuss the benefits of having an open mind and I encourage you to stretch your mind and think about if you do or not. We often think we do, but there may be areas in your life where your mind is closed and you don’t even realize it. When are minds are open, we can receive more. Listen and start your mental workout for the day!

Mind Yoga Episode #35

“We don’t need more to Thankful for, we need to be Thankful More!”—This week I ask you to stretch your mind and really think about all you have to be thankful for and I give you some ideas on things we often take for granted, but are true blessings in our life. Gratitude is something I encourage you to think about daily, not just at this time of year. Listen and learn how to get started.

Mind Yoga #34

Are you a worry wart? Do you spend time worrying about things you have no control over? Do you worry about not just yourself, but others too? In this week’s episode I’ll talk about worrying and how 99% of what you worry about never happens. Listen for 7 minutes, stretch your mind and learn how to have more peace in your life.

Mind Yoga Episode #33

This weeks quote is from the song Your Life is Now by John Melloncamp. It’s a reminder how if we stop playing victim and change our mindset, we can change our lives. Your mental health is just as important as your physical health but why do we not workout our minds like we do our bodies? Listen for just 8 minutes and see how you can begin to think differently, once you are aware of what you are thinking about.

Mind Yoga Episode #32

‘When you replace ‘Why is this Happening to me?’ with ‘What is this trying to Teach me?’, Everything Shifts”. This week’s episode talks about how we can learn to use moments of frustration, when we think or say out loud “Why is this happening to me?” to our benefit and once we dive into what the circumstance is that creates this response in us, we can then figure out the lesson we should be learning.

Mind Yoga Episode #30

How do we find peace when we disagree with others? This week's quote is from a book I am reading by Deborah Hanlon. It is "As we begin to Grow, we begin to think Less of something as being Wrong and have more Understanding of things being Different". Listen and learn how to stretch your mind and think about things a little differently. I'll challenge you to think about this throughout your week and hopefully you will learn we don't always have to be right to be happy.

Mind Yoga Episode #29

“We don’t create abundance, abundance is always present. We create limitations”. Do you agree with this statement? In this weeks podcast I talk about abundance and encourage you to stretch your mind and think about this quote. Abundance is Everywhere, but why do we not realize this? Listen and explore how we can change our mindset and learn to tap into the abundance that is all around us.

Mind Yoga Quick Quotes Episode 20

"People Generally See what they are Looking for, and Hear what they Listen for" Harper Lee To Kill a Mockingbird".  This week we will talk about having an Open Mind vs having a preconceived notion.  How often do we let what someone else says about someone dictate our thoughts on them?  Do we do this with other circumstances in our life? Bring out your Mental Mat and listen for five minutes--Open Minds Welcome and Encouraged!