#86 Unless You're Saving a Life, Stop Killing Yourself

This week’s podcast teaches us that unless we save lives for a living, we don’t need to kill ourselves getting things done or proving our point to others. What would happen if we stopped killing ourselves and slowed down and enjoyed our life more? I challenge you to take out your mental mat and for the next nine minutes, listen, stretch your mind and learn how you can decide if your peace of mind is worth the stress and overwhelm you put on yourself.


#85 Your Life Story

In this week’s podcast we stretch our minds around the quote “Your Life is Your Story. Write Well. Edit Often”. What story do you tell yourself and others? Do you know you can change your story whenever you want to? You are the author of your story, you control the story you tell. Is there something in your past you’d like to forget—edit it out of your story. Learn how you can write your story to serve you better. You don’t have to keep telling yourself the same story over and over again. When we write well and edit often, we empower ourselves. Our stories become who we are. Listen for the next nine minutes and learn how to edit your story to benefit YOU!


#84 Your Peace is Priceless

In this week’s podcast we stretch our minds around the quote “If it costs you your peace, it’s too expensive”. What do we spend on our thoughts and time on and how can we learn to have more peace in our day? Take out your mental mat and start stretching your mind. This nine minute workout will be worth your time and you may decide what you learn is priceless!


#83 Stop Rushing and Have More Time

In this week’s podcast we will stretch our minds and think about all we put on our plates in a day and consider the concept of having more time without rushing around getting everything done. I will encourage you to stretch your mental muscle and be open to slowing down in order to see how much life you do have time for. Take time for YOU for the next 9 minutes and take a listen.


#82 Living with Intention

How do we live less out of habit and more out of intent? In this week’s podcast we will stretch our minds and consider how we can do this. It’s easy to fall back into old habits but when we live with intent we will find more commitment to ourselves and others. Take 8 1/2 minutes right now for YOU! Listen and learn how you can achieve doing this and it is not as hard as you may think.

living with intent.PNG

#81 Can People Change?

Do you believe people can change? And, if not, why not? In this week’s podcast we get out our mental mats and uncover why we may think some people can change and not others. We will stretch our minds and consider if we have changed at all through the years. Spend just 8 minutes on your mental health and take a listen.


#79 Change can be Beautiful

If you fear or dread change, this episode is for you! As a new season is upon us, I will encourage you this week to look at Autumn as the season that teaches us change can be beautiful! Whether you are a die hard lover of summer or you embrace the changing of seasons, listen and learn how to stretch your mind and look at change from a different perspective.


#78 Soul Talk

In this week’s Mind Yoga Quick Quotes episode we will stretch our minds and think about soul talk; deep conversations with others and how we feel after them and what is keeping us from having more. We have so many ways to communicate but yet with these forms of communication we are not often allowing our souls to connect. Listen and find out how you can have more meaningful conversations and how you can feed your soul and connect with others on a deeper level.


#77 Our Fears vs Our Strength

What do you fear? In this week’s episode I talk about our fears and how we can overcome our fears when we realize they are just thoughts in our mind. We often trust our fears, when we should instead be recognizing our strengths. Get out your mental mat and learn how to leave your comfort zone and the possibilities that await you when you do. Never trust your fears, they don’t know your strength!


#76 Healing Mental Wounds

We all have wounds that still need to heal. But did you know mental wounds are just like physical wounds in the sense that we have to stop touching them to let them heal? In this week’s episode our quote to ponder is “To Heal a Wound you have to Stop Touching It”. Wise words but hard to do sometimes. We know and can see the effects of touching a physical wound. We watch it become irritated and not heal quickly. Listen this week as we talk about how our mental wounds can be healed the same as our physical ones; if we stop touching them and we stretch our minds to figure out how we can do this.


#75 Silence versus Having the Last Word

Are you the type of person who likes to have the last word? Do you think if you don’t, you are letting the other person get away with something? In this week’s episode I encourage you to stretch your mind and think about whether you want to waste your energy on having the last word. I’ll help you understand that not having the last word may not be a weakness but rather it is a strength that we can use to our advantage.


#74 Strive for Progress not Perfection


Do you put off making progress because you are too worried about making sure the result will be “perfect”? In this week’s podcast I talk about why we do this and I encourage you to stretch your mind and think about what your definition of perfection is. You may be surprised at what you discover about yourself and you may learn to make some progress and not worry so much about perfection.

#73 Reducing Negative Thoughts

We all have negative thoughts that creep up into our mind at times but how can we control them better? In this week’s episode I encourage you to think about how often you allow negative thoughts into your brain and I share ways to remove them from running your day. You can be in control of your thoughts. Listen for the next seven minutes and find out how.


#72 Live the story you want to tell


This week we will stretch our minds on this quote. What story do you currently tell about your life? We’ll look at what we tell others and ourselves about our life. We will envision what we want our life to be like and we will examine whether we are living our life accordingly in order to get it. Invest 10 minutes in a healthy mindset and take a listen!

#71 Do you try to be Superman or Wonder Woman all day long?


Listen this week and learn why we do not have to wear our Superman or Wonder Woman cape all day long. We’ll stretch our minds and begin to realize how these fictional characters were not “saving the day” all day long, and how we don’t have to either. Think you have to do it all? Think again. Take 9 minutes and begin exercising your mind for optimal mental health.

#70 Expectations

Expectations: Do we expect more from others than we do from ourselves?

Expectations—we all have them of others, but what do we expect from ourselves? When we put expectations on others, why are we often disappointed? This week we will stretch our minds and think about both the expectations we put on others and on ourselves. How can we start to expect less and be happy more? Listen and find out!

#69 Don't Lose Your Mind Trying to Understand Someone Else's


This weeks podcast looks at this quote and takes listeners through some mental exercises to understand why we do this, the time and energy we waste doing this and how to stop. Take 8 1/2 minutes for YOU and take a listen.

#68 Life is Not Fair


In this week’s podcast I ask whether anyone has ever, in the history of mankind said Life is going to be fair? We all know life is not fair; yet we all still get upset when we feel an injustice has been done on ourself or someone we care about. How do we stop letting the injustices in the world get to us? How do we find peace when things don’t appear to be fair? Take out your mental mat and listen for the next 10 minutes. Stretch your mind and build some mental muscle!

#67 Comparison is the Thief of Joy


This weeks I replay an earlier podcast on this great quote from Theodore Roosevelt. This week I will encourage you to stretch your mind and think about how when we compare ourselves to others, we often feel bad about ourselves and we rarely feel joy. But, there is another way you can think about your own life and others, a key that can unlock many a closed door for you. Spend 6 minutes on yourself and take a listen.